Many private investors have lost faith in the financial service industry after the 08/09 Global Financial Crisis and want to take better care of their money, however do not have the knowledge, time or networks in Asia to do so. Ai-Select is active in promoting syndicated investment to both institutions and private individuals that wish to take a more active role in managing their portfolios.

Private Equity Syndicated Investments

On a project by project basis, Ai Select partners with other professional investors to co-invest in specific Natural Resources, Energy and Infrastructure projects. As a rule, we do not hold publicly-traded securities. Instead, we normally seek equity stakes (that is, partial ownership) in private companies of companies preparing for IPO.


If you or your company are interested in strategic investment partnerships or your company is looking for capital, please contact us.


Physical Commodities Trading

Due to our significant investor networks, particularly in the Natural Resources sector, Ai Select also deal in physical commodities trading of gold, iron ore, copper and coal on behalf of major Asia clients.


Through trading partnerships with leading Asian companies, Ai-Select acts as the primary buyer on commodities on behalf of a number of Chinese State.


If you are a mine owner if phycial commodities to sell, we are keen to talk to you.